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These three music icons first met as a trio in January '23 at the Münster Jazz Festival. Pianist Aki Takase and reed player Louis Sclavis have had a successful trio for years with several award-winning recordings, as have Takase and drummer Han Bennink. All styles vary, everyone has their own idea and history. Everything is reflected in the trio.

This is an alliance of masters who each symbolize an era of music, a very specific musical vision and style. But what binds them all is a musical understanding, a lot of humor and sympathy for the path of the other. 

Zoh Amba's Bhakti with Farida Amadou & Chris Corsano

In case you don't know her yet, just remember the name Zoh Amba. This 23-year-old saxophonist from Tennessee is throwing high hopes and is being tipped as a great up-and-coming free jazz talent. With praise from institutions such as The New York Times, All About Jazz and Iggy Pop. She travels to Ghent with a mix of avant-garde and noise full of folk melodies, enchanting choruses and repeated incantations.

Amba released two records in 2022, her debut record O, Sun was produced by John Zorn and released on the prestigious label Tzadik. Bhakti is the name of her ongoing ensemble with ever-changing members.

Zoh Amba (saxophone), Farida Amadou (bass), Chris Corsano (drums)

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photo Zoh Amba © Scott Rossi
photo Louis Sclavis © Dmaien Jacobs



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