SP!N (3rd/4th grade)

Zonzo Compagnie

Spinning around to the beats

This performance is intended for schools 

Spinning around to the beats

Ready for acrobatically tough vocals and merrily bouncing grooves and beats? Together, Congolese Junior Akwety and Antwerp native Jochem Baelus make the world go round.

With mechanically swinging objects, vibrating tension springs and roaring bourdon tones, they fill the hall with strong vibrations - until no one can stand still.

Who's who?

Junior Akwety was born in Kinshasa, but his music has taken him from Los Angeles to Cape Town. You can find him as a singer and actor in theater productions and on concert stages. He feels like a fish out of water with R&B, rumba, dance and house and the music from his homeland Congo.

Jochem Baelus is a musician and composer, but above all the inventor of wondrous instruments. He collects devices and objects and tinkers them together into fantastic sound machines that only he can play. They can be heard in theater performances, but also in music clubs and at festivals.



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