Roland x Benjamin Glorieux

A match made in heaven


€ 13,30 Early Bird (?)
€ 19 Presale / € 8 student
€ 22 Box office / € 11 student
€ 3.8 Uitpas discount / EDC

Unnumbered seats - club

19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert

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A match made in heaven

At the 70th birthday celebration for Roland, cellist Benjamin Glorieux joined us on stage. For a Roland - who wakes up every morning to Bach's cello suites - a big surprise. Glorieux is someone who knows the classical repertoire through and through and interprets it in a virtuoso manner, but he is also a celestialist who uses that repertoire as building blocks for the most daring side jumps.

A match made in heaven with Roland. Sitar player Nico Mortelmans, who also plays in Roland's regular band, and drummer Karen Willems make this a perfect group.



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