Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Quintet

Japanese jazz and electronics à la Zorn

Unnumbered seats - club

19:15 Doors
20:15 Concert
​​​​​​​21:45 End

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Japanese jazz and electronica à la Zorn

What John Zorn means to the New York scene, Otomo Yoshihide means to the Japanese. Like an iconoclast, this guitarist/turntablist tackled the jazz repertoire, always with untold respect, virtuosity and skill.

After more than 100 releases, including eight with his Jazz Quintet, Otomo continues to search for a captivating balance between melodic structures and intense moments of improvisation.

In this, Eric Dolphy is one of his great heroes. The Quintet dedicated a record to Out to Lunch, Dolphy's iconic album.
These days Otomo rarely if ever tours, so seeing him live with his band again is an absolutely unique experience.

Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Quintet.
Otomo Yoshihide (el-guitar), Ruike Shinpei (trumpet), Osamu Imagome (trombone), Hiroaki Mizutani (double bass), Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (drums)

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‘Yoshihide's band, following the hallowed jazz model of reinterpretation, has taken music seemingly outside their realm and played it like it could never have belonged to anyone else. It's this kind of creative ambition (and the ability to pull the music off) that should inspire non-believers to take a closer look at new jazz. It's as good as it ever was.’

Pitchfork 8,2

Photo's © Andrius Sidlauskas en Higuchi Yuki



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