Nina Nastasia: ‘Riderless Horse’

Poignant songs after 12 years of silence

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Poignant songs after 12 years of silence

It is impossible to separate Nina Nastasia's first album in 12 years from her tumultuous backstory. On Jan. 26, 2020, she left her manager and partner Kennan Gudjonsson after 25 years. The next day, he committed suicide. In Riderless Horse, she recounts the deepest emotions of a relationship between two people who loved each other but broke up.

The tone is musing, so honest in its pain that it also restores courage. At the end, a sea murmurs and she is ready. The last line, "I want to live / I am ready to live. Timeless and poignant this is.

De Standaard ★★★★★

After a 12-year absence, the singer-songwriter returns with a raw, unadorned celebration of survival.

7.8 at Pitchfork

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