Miguel Zenón & Luis Perdomo Duo / support: Lara Rosseel solo

El Arte Del Bolero


€ 14,7 Early Bird (?)
€ 21 Presale / € 8 student
€ 24 Box office / € 11 student
€ 4.2 Uitpas / EDC

Numbered seats - theater

19:00 Doors
20:15 Lara Rosseel solo
21:00 Miguel Zenón & Luis Perdomo

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El Arte Del Bolero

Saxophonist Miguel Zenón is one of today's leading jazz giants. He may live in New York with several Grammy nominations under his belt by now, but his roots are in Puerto Rico. There, the songs of singers like Ismael Rivera, Cheo Feliciano and Andy Montañez are commonplace.

Together with his duo partner, Venezuelan pianist Luis Perdromo, he digs into the beloved repertoire of the Cuban Bolero. The popular Latin American ballad has traversed all of South America and landed in the heart of NYC.

Read Miguel Zenón's letter via "read more.

Support: Lara Rosseel solo

What do fruits and vegetables sound like? You'll find out in artist in residence Lara Rosseel's solo "Aardnoot".

fruit and vegetables
the inside, the kernel, the germ,
they all bring forth a frequency,
which I translate on my double bass.
Thus each fruit has a different frequency, a different bass song.

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