Mauro Pawlowski solo

A true legend 


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19:15 Doors
20:15 Concert

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A true legend 

Evil Superstars, Mauro & The Grooms, dEUS, Gruppo di Pawlowski, Mitsoobishy Jacson, Hitsville Drunks, The Love Substitutes, Club Moral, Othin Spake, Maurits Pauwels, ... Mauro's musical resume reads like a mishmash of multifaceted music. There are hits. There are obscure moments. But there is always that sparkle that we cannot attribute to anyone but Mauro.

One of his latest achievements is the 2021 LP "Eternal Sunday Drive," his return to melodic pop. By now it seems like ages since he came out with new work. But not to worry: He has promised to play a preview of the new album due out in 2025. Mauro, as always, speaks in riddles about this: "This time I am somewhere between Italo and avant-ian. Post-post electro, Dutch and cosmic. Working title: 'Le Pop Povera'." So above all, don't expect an acoustic set from Mauro Pawlowski solo.

For fans of Mauro and Mauro and Mauro.

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