Jef Neve's vertelkabinet (families)

Tales from the audience turn to music + veggie spaghetti

Unnumbered seats - theater

17:00 Doors
17:45 Concert
18:30 Ha'ppy meal

Adults admitted only under the supervision of a minor.

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Musically engaging with tales from the audience

Jef Neve is a grand master on piano, but for this special concert he needs your help. After all, he steps onto the stage all by himself and without prepared music. He gets his inspiration from your stories.

Would you like to tell about your favorite food? Then a melody flows from Jef's hands like spaghetti. Did you have a strange dream last night that you want to share with him? Then he'll make the perfect soundtrack to it on the spot. Discover how improvisation works and how music can represent your wildest fantasy.

Concert + Ha'ppy Meal

After the concert, we'll have dinner together at 6:30pm in our foyer.
This time on the menu: veggie spaghetti

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