Istanbul Ekspres: Sena Şener

Turkish folk rock

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​19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert

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This concert will take place at De Centrale

Turkish folk rock

Sena Şener, a gifted singer and songwriter, is acclaimed for her unique voice and versatile musical style. She blends various genres such as pop, electronic music and folk, making her music appeal to a wide audience.

One of Sena's notable achievements was her collaboration with Mahmut Orhan for the song "Feel." This song quickly grew into a worldwide hit and took her singing talent to new heights.

With her infectious energy and creativity, she is proving that she is making a lasting mark on today's music scene. Her upcoming projects are met with great anticipation as she proves time and again that she is a name to keep an eye on.

Sena Şener
Sena Şener (vocals, guitar), Ata Erdem Şimşek (drums), Deniz Yıldız (guitar), Sertan İpek (keys), Gökhan Çakıcı (bass guitar)

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