Istanbul Ekspres: Istanbul Fasil Ensemble

Istanbul Nights with raki and mezze


​19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert

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This concert will take place at De Centrale

Istanbul Nights with raki and mezze

On a fasıl evening, as tradition dictates, enjoy delicious mezze and rakı, or Turkish snacks and Turkey's national anise drink. During the Ottoman period, fasıl resounded in palaces and fancier homes. Today, you hear this light classical music mostly in Istanbul's restaurants, as a fasıl is not complete without a table full of mezze and rakı.

Come and enjoy the İstanbul Fasıl Ensemble and indulge in eating, drinking, singing and dancing. Performing both Turkish classical music and fasıl, the İstanbul Fasıl Ensemble brings the atmosphere of Istanbul nights to Ghent. This guarantees a lively evening full of Turkish hospitality and ambiance.

Istanbul Fasil Ensemble
Sadiye Erimli (vocals), Altan Gözetlik (clarinet), Bora Dicle (qanun), Alper Asutay (violin), Gökhan Karcebaş (cello), Barış Durak (percussion), İsa Erik (oed)

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