Isbells: 'Basegemiti' (albumrelease) / support: Caspar Auwerkerken

Fragile folk songs


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This concert is part of the Baloise on Stage series

Fragile folk songs

With Isbells, singer-songwriter Gaetan Vandewoude has been making sober, fragile folk songs since 2008. The introspective and intimate songs, which deal with relationships, daydreams and human shortcomings, can count on worldwide praise.

Their success has transcended country borders and expectations: songs have made it to the soundtrack of Grey's Anatomy and Hawaii Five-O, to the tune of a global Trivago commercial, single "Dreamer" has already reached nearly 80 million streams on Spotify, concert halls have been growing and the band has toured Europe and Asia. Comparisons to the strumming art of Nick Drake, the collaborative vocals of Fleet Foxes and the wistfulness of Bon Iver are never far away.

Anno 2023, Isbells' album counter continues to run. After Isbells (2009) and Stoalin' (2012) came third album Billy (2015). In 2017, Isbells released Exchanging Thoughts, a limited 10": a mental pit stop, according to daMusic. This was followed by album Sosei in 2019. Their latest album Basegemiti will follow in late September 2023.

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