Baloise on Stage ✌ Belgian talent spotted

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Published on 22/06/23

Belgian talent on stage

A stage. That is what insurance company Baloise wants to offer emerging Belgian talent. In cooperation with Ha Concerts, the insurer gives musical talent with a passion, a dream and perseverance the chance to literally and figuratively shine in the spotlight and take the next step in their musical career.

Baloise attaches great importance to the development of emerging talent. But talent alone is usually not enough to go far. Artists have to work hard for it. Through trial and error, they build their way in the music world to stand where they are today. That is why established Belgian values, such as Het Zesde Metaal, Isbells and Portland, are happy to help give a boost to artists who are now at the beginning of their careers.

Discover 'Baloise on Stage'

Next season, Baloise on Stage supports a series of concerts at Ha Concerts featuring homegrown talent. Discover, enjoy and let these artists capture your heart. For sure, you can expect something unique from each of these concerts.

Admiral Freebee

'Back to the Ever Present'

Pure nostalgia with his first record and Belpop classic

20:15 sold out

Het Zesde Metaal: 'Het langste jaar' / support: Rosie Stuart

Sixth album with melodic slant

20:15 sold out

Portland: 'Departures' / support: Isaac Roux

Melancholy dreampop

20:15 Waiting list

Isbells: 'Basegemiti' (albumrelease) / support: Caspar Auwerkerken

Fragile folk songs

20:15 Tickets

Intergalactic Lovers: 'Liquid Love' / support: Robin Kester

Long-awaited comeback

20:15 past



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