Grdina+Lillinger / Vitja Pauwels’ Early Life Forms

Virtuoso powerhouses + Latin jazz, rock and film music 

Unnumbered seats - club

19:15 Doors
20:15 Grdina+Lillinger
21:20 Vitja Pauwels’ Early Life Forms 
22:20 End

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Vitja Pauwels’ Early Life Forms 

Guitarist Vitja Pauwels has become incontournable in Belgian jazz. The wider you see the genre, the more often you come across him. His band Early Life Forms dances on the interface between voluptuous Latin jazz, grooving rock and cinematic explorations. He presents his new album in good company.

Early Life Forms
Vitja Pauwels (guitar - Naima Joris, Lara Rosseel, Bombataz, Profound Observer, Drift By/Sink In ...), Frederik Leroux (guitar - Aspen Editions, FES), Laurens Dierickx (Hammond), Casper Van De Velde (drums - schntzl, Bombataz, Simba)


Since 2017, these two phenomena have been blending electronica, drum and bass, metal, punk and free jazz into an explosive sound. Grdina is a force of nature on guitar and oud, and virtuoso powerhouse Lillinger blends intense, heavily grooving free improvisation with modular composition ideas.

With equal parts rock, punk and exploratory atonality, these next-level innovators take unexpected turns at every corner. Think influences from electronica, Persian and Arabic music, metal, free jazz, Alban Berg and Stockhausen. A true ode and dedication to free improvisation.

Gordon Grdina (guitar, oud), Christian Lillinger (drums)

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photo Early Life Forms © Olympe Tits



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