Foyer Matinee: Quetzal Duo

A morning in southern Mexico


€11,9 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 17 Basisprijs
€ 5 (-12 jaar)
€ 3,4 Uitpas reductie / EDC


Unnumbered seats - foyer

10:30 Doors
11:00 Concert
12:00 End

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A morning in southern Mexico

Quetzal Duo performs traditional South Mexican music in an intimate and very personal way. In its region of origin (Oaxaca and surrounding areas), this music plays an important role in community life. Infused with local legends and universal themes such as love and death, this music connects people.

Mexican singer Sofía Díaz performs this largely unknown but beautiful repertoire with a powerful voice. She is accompanied by guitarist Jasper De Kind, who combines a classical training with influences from jazz, flamenco and other world music, fully attuned to Sofía's profound and sensitive singing.



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