De Ledebirds ft. Dick Van der Harst

Celebrating 15 years of music from around the world

Unnumbered seats - club

19:15 Doors
20:15 Concert
21:30 End

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Celebrating 15 years of music from around the world

The famous Ghent orchestra De Ledebirds is celebrating its 15th anniversary in style. From their home base in Ledeberg, they are swarming out to various stages and the Ha cannot be missing as a good friend.

For this festive occasion they pull out all the stops together with multi-instrumentalist Dick van der Harst. Expect a journey through different musical cultures with always Dick's blissful personal touch that makes it adventurous and surprising. 

Premiering: a brand new instrument

This vibrant orchestra has a wealth of cultures within its members, with musicians and singers from Italy, Palestine and Iran all the way to Eritrea. All these influences and folk traditions come together in the program, which also brings with it a whole range of unusual musical instruments.

Inspired by Transylvanian, Catalan and Basque instruments, they set to work to build an instrument all their own. This will be presented in its premiere on this concert evening. 

photo © Sarah Peters



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