David Eugene Edwards solo: 'Hyacinth'

First solo album full of dark beauty 

standing places

19:00 Doors
20:15 Lazzaro
21:15 David Eugene Edwards
22:30 End

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First solo album full of dark beauty 

David Eugene Edwards is larger than life. Anyone who has ever seen him perform live (Wovenhand, 16 Horsepower) can attest to his engaging intensity as he sings and conjures the overwhelming, dark rage and beauty from his instrument.

On his very first solo album under his own name, he delivers a sound uniquely his own, with a vulnerability and introspection never before heard from him.

Support: Lazzaro

Under the name of Lazzaro, Geraldine Vanspauwen explores the intersections between poetry, songwriting and ambient music, evoking an ethereal yet physical world of sound guided by a subliminal force of life’s fire, subtle winds, dreams, desire. She is currently performing solo (guitar, tape, voice, fx) and with the bands Zemlya (drums, voice) and Sergeant (guitar). Her first home-recorded EP, The Inner Land is Wide and Free, was released digitally and as a limited edition of tapes (2022, Bonambi).

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