Celebrating Tiny Legs Tim: 'Sing My Title'

Friends and artists celebrating Tiny Legs Tim * Between blues and americana

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Friends and artists celebrating Tiny Legs Tim * Between blues and americana

''There's No Such Thing as a Coincidence.'' That's what AB artistic director Kurt Overbergh wrote twice in the liner notes of Tiny Legs Tim's album Melodium Rag (2017). And the same is true now. Exactly one year after the beloved Ghent blues musician's unexpected death, his family and friends are announcing a posthumous album and a one-off concert on Nov. 28 - his birthday.

The album Sing My Title provides an overview of Tiny Legs Tim's entire career, some new songs and unreleased archival material. Many of these songs are his personal favorites. Along with that, "Death Bells Ringing" is the first single, a new song Tim himself recorded as recently as March 2022, in the last session with the band Call Us When It's Over. 

For the live set, musicians from the tours of 'Call Us When It's Over' and 'Elsewhere Bound' gather, including special guests Steven Troch, Guy Verlinde and Simon Raman, Bruno Deneckere and Missy Sippy All Stars. More tba.

"We can't look into his soul, we don't know exactly how he would have recorded the thread if everything had turned out differently, but we can do what he no doubt would have done himself: make a record. (...) now we want to give him and his music the credit they deserve." - Tim's family

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