Boomtown: Marina Herlop

Melancholy piano sounds, electronic percussion and elegant vocal lines

Marina Herlop trained as a classical pianist. That influence clearly seeped through on first albums Nanook and Babasha. On her latest record Pripyat, she manages to transcend her background by creating unique, polyphonic music with sophisticated rhythms and haunting melodies. Herlop brings a mixture of melancholic piano sounds, electronic percussion and elegant vocal lines. We hear the most diverse influences coming together, such as the techniques from Carnatic music from South India on the conjuring single "Miu.

Even live, Marina Herlop already made many a jaw drop with her beautiful voice and her academic sense of bringing so accessible and with so much feeling. Audiences at renowned festivals such as Rewire, Primavera, Mutek, Dekmantel and Le Guess Who? can speak for themselves. Next stop: Boomtown!

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photo © Anxo Casals



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