Boomtown: Marble Sounds

Bridge between post-rock and neatly orchestrated pop.

You undoubtedly know Marble Sounds from the single 'Leave A Light On' (2013). The song became the anthem of that year's Music For Life edition, made it to the first place in the Settlement and received two nominations for the MIAs. And that's just one of the band's songs. For more than a decade, Marble Sounds has been bridging the gap between post-rock and neatly orchestrated pop.

In 2022, the new self-titled album Marble Sounds was released. On singles such as "Quiet," "Never Leave My Heart" and "Axolotl," we hear songs that unfold from a conjuring piano, strings and Van Dessel's soft voice into lushly orchestrated indie pop gems, just as a Sufjan Stevens, Nils Frahm or Damien Jurado make them. The singles were received very enthusiastically at home and abroad, 'Quiet' even played a leading role in the finale of the popular Netflix series 'Undercover'.

This is the new Marble Sounds: masterfully constructed songs that enchant with virtuoso melodies and sounds.

An organization of Democrazy in cooperation with Ha Concerts
photo © Johannes Vande Voorde



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