Wim's favorites ✌ six artists to cherish

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Published on 31/08/23

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler: ‘WA’ / Dave Douglas & Joey Baron

Sizzling duos with top notch jazz and Arabic electronica

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Age casts a different light upon the world and this album seeks to express freely and honestly those things that I love most intensely. At the age of 76 it is time to stop thinking of always having to please others and deliver an album truly from the heart.

Susana Baca

FES: 'The One'

Cheerful fireworks with Flat Earth Society

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Iva Bittová x Vladimír Václavek: ‘Bile Inferno’

Rediscovering indestructible songs

Start: 20:15 Tickets



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