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Published on 02/02/24

Especially for International Women's Day on Friday 8 of March, we are highlighting the front women of March and April.
And there are a lot of them!

In the calendar

Alela Diane: 'Looking Glass' / support: Omar Velasco

Warm folk songs

20:15 Sold out

Kids With Buns: 'Out Of Place' (albumrelease) / support: Roufaida

Debut album full of dreamy indie pop

20:15 Tickets

Naima Joris & Vitja Pauwels: 'Enjoy the Silence' 

Southern European traditionals and French chansons

20:15 Last tickets

House of Wu Fei: 'Tides and Time' (première)

Creation with Dijf Sanders, Simon Segers and Louise van den Heuvel

20:15 Tickets

Wu Fei, Sarah Yu & Geoffrey Burton: 'Memory & Remembrances' (6+)

Creation with Chinese children's songs, calligraphy and dumplings (première)

11:00 Last tickets

Hydrogen Sea / support: And They Spoke In Anthems (albumreleases)

Lusciously sweet indie pop

20:15 Tickets

Foyer Matinee: Acoustic Morning met o.a. Laura Cortese

Root music at its transatlantic best

11:00 Last tickets



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