Bike broken? Get it fixed during The Antler King ✌.

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Published on 10/11/22

Get your bike fixed at The Antler King's concert

On Friday, Dec. 16, The Antler King will introduce their new album Dances.
Will you be there? Then you can use the services of the social bike workshop El Laboristo.  

During the concert, they will get to work on problems with your brakes, gears, chain or light.
That way your bike will be winter-ready again in no time and you'll be riding back home with ease.

Who they are.

El Laboristo is a cooperative non-profit organization with a true do-it-yourself mentality. Young people and volunteers learn a lifestyle that uses a mix of curiosity, self-confidence and technical disobedience to strengthen their skills and technical understanding.

The bicycle workshop is one of the ways El Laboristo encourages their "school makers" to think about self-reliance and relevant skills in the 21st century. At Ha, they are happy to show what they can do and put the public's bikes back in winter condition.

Reserve a time slot

Calculate the costs

Getting your bike repaired at the bike shop can quickly cost a pretty penny.
At El Laboristo you pay a fixed cost for the parts to be replaced and for the operating costs you can choose:

  • a standard price of €40 per hour
  • or for their principle of fair contribution. 

Fair contribution For the study work and fine tuning of your bike, they expect the same fee as you earn from your work. That way they are sure to cater to everyone's budget. Will you do the math? What is your approximate hourly wage?

The price list

Using the price list, you get the overview of the fixed costs and an estimate of the operating costs below the standard price.
Through the principle of fair contribution, you can recalculate the operating costs according to your own hourly rate. 

With your contribution you support the social work of El Laboristo and the three young bicycle mechanics on duty: Yahya, Mabat and Riyad.

Brake check-up

  • Brake pads €6 per pair
  • Brake cables €6
  • Estimated duration: 20 to 60 minutes
    = Working cost from the standard price between €13 and €40.

Lighting inspection

  • Lights €9 to €25 per light
  • Estimated duration: 10 to 40 minutes
    = operating cost from standard price between €6 and €26

Chain & Gear Inspection

  • Gear cables €6
  • Estimated duration: 10 to 40 minutes
    = operating cost from the standard price between €6 and €26



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