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Published on 14/10/22

Ha Concerts wants to be a place for everyone. Both in front of and behind the scenes, we seek to meet, connect and represent.

Accessible to all 

We try to maximize accessibility to our historic building. Anyone with a European Disability Card can bring a companion along at a hefty discounted rate, or we can help with tailored support.

People with specific needs regarding accessibility can contact with practical questions regarding their concert visit. More info.

Gender-neutral toilets

Ha Concerts welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, identity or expression. In conversation with the Ghent organization Free2Pee, we designed gender-neutral labels for our toilets. 

Since January 2020 you will find them on the doors, together with a sanitary waste bin in each toilet cubicle. The reference to the concert venue - where you can either sit or stand - is included.

Suspended tickets

Thanks to the civic initiative Enchanté, you can buy a deferred ticket for someone who does not have the necessary financial space themselves. More info.

Inclusion within the Ha Concerts team

We strive for a diverse staff, regardless of origin or disability. For the volunteer team, we collaborate with Refu Interim, Stad Gent, IN-Gent, among others. Furthermore, Ha Concerts signed the Genereuzen charter and the Family Manifesto, for an inclusive world where everyone belongs.



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