Being sustainable is: a green home

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Published on 11/10/22
To measure is to know 

Ha Concerts handles water and energy consciously in its building. Therefore, all consumption is recorded in order to continuously improve the infrastructure and make it more economical. For example, we use architectural LED lighting both on and off stage. This is five times more economical than traditional lights. Behind the scenes, motion detectors and timers reduce energy consumption.

Greener over the years

Such modifications made our historic building more sustainable over the years. For this continued effort, we have been achieving the "Green Key" every year since 2013. This is an internationally recognized eco-label for tourist and leisure sites. Together with partners such as Greentrack, we also look at the city level to see how the cultural sector can be greener and more sustainable. For example, we switched to locally produced green electricity from BEE through a group purchase.



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