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Published on 02/11/23

COS - a new partner to cherish

On October 20, 2023 Ha Concerts signed a new cooperation agreement with the company COS NV from Oudenaarde.

The grandstand is an essential part of our operation. Thousands of visitors sit on it every year to enjoy our concerts - ranging from jazz and pop enthusiasts to screaming and dancing children at school performances.

In our search, we came across the innovative grandstand builders at COS.

Customized co-creation

This family-owned company truly does custom work. Coupling the expertise of their architects and engineers with that of our technicians led to industry-leading solutions. 

Moreover, the grandstand was produced from A to Z in the Oudenaarde production facility, nice and local.

Telescopic stands with push chain drive

A telescopic stand or sliding stand can be set out from its basic position in no time. Compact, functional and multi-purpose - that's how we like it. Our new stand is fully automatic, efficient and ergonomically sound for employees.

Thus we transform the hall for a standing concert into a theater in 1, 2 , 3.

Nestle into a grandstand seat

Would you like to come and experience it for yourself at a concert?

To the concert agenda

Partners wanted

Ha Concerts likes to put the value experience of its audiences and visitors first. In line with this, we are always looking for new, preferably local partners to add to our network. Sustainability and innovation always has an edge with us.

Would you like to be part of this? Contact us for an informal conversation.

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