Zoete Zondag: Benjamin Glorieux

Sweet artist portrait


14:00 Doors
15:00 Concert
16:15 End

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Alternating at Ha or Kopergietery on Sunday afternoons, you get a unique insight into a musician's life, through an intimate concert accompanied by personal stories. Each time is different, tailored to the artist in question.

This concert is alternated with storytelling in Dutch.

Sweet artist portrait

During this Sweet Sunday, cellist Benjamin Glorieux gives a behind-the-scenes look at his life as a musician especially for Ha Concerts. Meet a true master who switches between different musical worlds. 

Follow him on his personal life journey along Bach's cello suites via the Belgian National Orchestra to a concert with rapper Pregnant Guy, guitar icon Marc Ribot or, most recently, living legend Roland.

Glorieux undertook a weeks-long trip from Arnstadt, Germany, to Lübeck in 2022. With his cello on his back, he thus traveled the route Bach took 300 years ago to hear his great hero Buxtehude play. That walking seems like a common thread in his life, one that he loves to unravel (musically) on stage. Will you join the walk?

photo © Björn Comhaire



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