Tiny Tunes: DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband

Fabulous party with turntables + Ha'ppy Meal

standing places

17:00 Doors
17:45 Concert
18:30 Ha'ppy meal: veggie balls in tomato sauce

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Fabulous party with turntables + Ha'ppy Meal

Picture this: you walk into a dark concert hall. Slowly the lights come on and suddenly the music starts playing. You hear a band, but see ... just like that, 12 DJs!

Scratching and mixing, each of them conjures the sound of a real instrument from their turntables. One makes the horns blare, another makes the drums thump.

Together, as Grazzhoppa's 12-piece DJ Big Band, they form a grooving super machine that you will not only marvel at, but also won't be able to sit still on. An exuberant feel-good party for eyes, ears and legs!

DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband
JtotheC, Optimus, Courtasock, Yzerbeat, XXL, Zami Zulu, Boula One, Iron, MixmonsterMenno, Jack, Droppa and Grazzhoppa (turntables), Monique Harcum (vocals), Fabrizio Cassol (sax), Tradd (FOH)

Photo © Michel De Pourq



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