Tiny Tunes: Bel Ayre Quartet

Traveling the world with songs + Ha'ppy Meal

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18:30 Ha'ppy meal: vol-au-veggie

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Traveling the world with songs + Ha'ppy Meal

The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter. You'd dream of distant travels and new horizons for less. Not to worry: Bel Ayre blows your autumn blues away with an enchanting musical world trip.

Singer Lieselot De Wilde and guitarist Peter Verhelst gleaned beautiful songs from all corners of the globe. Together with Seraphine Stragier and Farnoosh Khodadadeh, they bring their musical treasures in an enchanting listening concert.

Lay down with the musicians, close your eyes and let yourself be transported to faraway corners of the world, past heartbreak from Morocco, exuberant African protest, robbers and ancient Iranian tunes.

Bel Ayre Quartet
Lieselot De Wilde (vocals, barrel organ), Peter Verhelst (guitar, oed, shruti box), Seraphine Stragier (cello, harp, yayli tanbur, vocals), Farnoosh Khodadadeh (daf, vocals)

Photo © Mingus Fannes
Photo © Kurt Van der Elst



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