Tiny Town: Willy Mason (families)

Also during Boomtown: grown-up music for little ears

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During Tiny Town, top musicians who play to adult audiences after bedtime, bring their skills to small listeners in the afternoon.

A taste of what music can be all about, from awesome beats to songwriter stories. Cozy close to the musicians and tailored to children's ears in duration and decibels. A unique experience for young and older.

Willy Mason for families

Willy Mason tells stories with his voice and his guitar. When he himself was young, he loved listening to solid grunge rock, which you can still see today in his particularly cool appearance. But in his songs, you can hear his sensitive heart.

Even if you don't understand his words, you can hear what he's talking about with your eyes closed. Sometimes it sounds like a storm is brewing when he sings of his anger over the injustices in the world, sometimes you imagine yourself in a cinematically vast landscape and understand that sometimes he does feel alone.

Settle down at Nonkel Willy's campfire and you'll be a life lesson or two richer anyway.

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