Tiny Town: Marina Herlop (families)

Also during Boomtown: grown-up music for little ears

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16:00 Doors
16:15 Concert 
16:45 End

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During Tiny Town, top musicians who play to adult audiences after bedtime, bring their skills to small listeners in the afternoon.

A taste of what music can be all about, from awesome beats to songwriter stories. Cozy close to the musicians and tailored to children's ears in duration and decibels. A unique experience for young and older.

Marina Herlop for families

Marina Herlop looks as extraordinary as her music sounds. On stage, she appears like some kind of alien fairy, who immediately captivates you with bouncing beats and tumbling voice. Her music feels like a ride on a rollercoaster gone wild, where you never know exactly what is up or down.

Two ears are not really enough with her. Allow yourself to be carried away by a musical amusement park full of sounds, rhythms and colors, which will leave you a little dizzy. 

An organization of Democrazy in cooperation with Ha Concerts



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