Sara Salvérius & Sun*Sun*Sun: ‘Pendulum’ (première)

Accordion and strings in a unique project

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Accordion and strings in a unique project

Accordionist Sara Salvérius searches for movement and tranquility in her music. This is how she tries to capture the unpredictability of life musically. For Pendulum she works with a very unique string quartet: Sun*Sun*Sun.

Besides their adventurous recordings, their sound is unparalleled and precisely tailored to Sara's work. In collaboration with violin maker (and husband of) Pieter Goossens, all instruments were literally cut from the same wood.

Pendulum is all about connection. Connection between extremes.
Joy and sorrow. Good and evil. Inner world and outer appearance. And between all these extremes: a point of rest. Where the opposites touch. Where the pendulum stops for a fraction.

Sara Salvérius & Sun*Sun*Sun: 'Pendulum' (premiere)
Sara Salvérius (accordion), Jeroen Baert (violin), Yumika Lecluyze (violin), Karel Coninx (viola) and Seraphine Stragier (cello).

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