Naima Joris & Vitja Pauwels: 'Enjoy the Silence' 


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€ 23 Box office / € 14 student
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19:15 Doors
20:15 Concert

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Theresa Kronthaler's concert was canceled at this double bill concert night. Naima Joris & Vitja Pauwels will still be playing, however. Ticket holders will be notified.

Naima Joris & Vitja Pauwels: 'Enjoy the Silence' 

While everyone's career was on hold due to a pandemic, Naima Joris broke through at 39. In the fall of 2022, her debut album While The Moon was released. For the next step, she returns to the basics. Accompanied by guitarist Vitja Pauwels, she delves into the covers that started it all for her. As always, she bends the songs of others to her will, making them almost her own.

Expect familiar - and less familiar - Southern European traditionals, French chansons and English songs in their own, new style. Come wallow in the warmth of her voice and enjoy songs that touch and heal, an evening that will not leave you unmoved. Dream away with us?

Enjoy the silence
Naima Joris (vocals, piano, guitar, percussion), Vitja Pauwels (guitar)



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