Gavin Bryars Ensemble: '1986 revisited'

Two days to remember


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19:00 Doors
20:00 Concert


My First Homage (revised 2022)
The Cross Channel Ferry (1979)
The Vespertine Park (1978 revised 2022)
Allegrasco (1983)
Sub Rosa (1986)

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This concert evening will take place at MSK Ghent.

High-level visit in Ghent

In the darkest month of the year, we welcome a high-level visitor to Ghent. For two days, we will dive into the life and work of iconic British composer and musician Gavin Bryars.

He is forever remembered for such groundbreaking and deeply moving work as The Sinking of the Titanic (1969) and Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (1971) - to which Tom Waits once lent his voice. 

To honor him in his 80th year of life, Ha Concerts, MSK and S.M.A.K. are joining forces for a three-part program. 

1986 revisited

In the hemicycle of the MSK, the Gavin Bryars Ensemble was born in 1986. At MSK's OFF festival and precursor to the S.M.A.K., they played their very first concert. 

Bag off for a re-enactment of that legendary evening. Beautiful music in an intimate setting, surrounded by ancient works of art and stories. 

In a partly new lineup, they bring pieces like My First Homage and Sub Rosa back to life in the heart of the museum.

Gavin Bryars Ensemble
Morgan Goff, Nick Barr (violas), Roger Heaton (clarinet, bass clarinet), James Woodrow (electric guitar), Audrey Riley (cello), Gavin Bryars (keyboard, bass), Yuri Bryars (piano, bass), Alexandra Tchernakova (piano)

Choose your favorite night or combine them. Get to know this music or dive deeper. Either way, these will be two days to remember for a long time.
I sing La Herida Oscura almost as if it were a secret, with the same intensity and love towards our history, I sing this song and will continue to sing it… every bit of rhythm can be found here, no words are missing.

Susana Baca

Gavin Bryars Ensemble: 'Iconics works'

With iconic work such as The Sinking of the Titanic and Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

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An organization of Ha Concerts, S.M.A.K. and Museum of Fine Arts Ghent



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