19 till 21 + 23 till 26/07 - On location during Ghent Festivities

During the Ghent Festivities


€ 24 basic
€ 18 students, job-seeking, EDC, sector pass
€ 8 (- 18 years)
€ 4,8 UiTPaS reduction

€ 9 bus transportation per person 

For those coming by shuttle bus to the meeting place:
19:50 sharp departure time at P+R Gentbrugge Arsenaal/Brusselsesteenweg 

20:10 sharp departure time at P+R Watersportbaan/Zuiderlaan

For those coming directly to the meeting point:
20:45 sharp departure together to the performance
Meeting point: intersection Reibroekstraat/Vierlindenstraatje - 9940 Evergem

21:00 Start Foreverandevergem
22:00 End

Don't forget

- You are sitting on a grandstand outdoors. So dress according to the outside temperature.

- The venue is wheelchair accessible.

- Bar and washroom facilities are provided at the meeting point nearby.

Info transport

- There is free bicycle parking and car parking at the meeting point.

- Remember to reserve a seat on the bus with your tickets - for a fee. Bus seats are limited.

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Attention, this event takes place on an outdoor stand in a garden in Evergem. - in Dutch

Musical theater in Evergem

A family at the table,  
a shower running,  
a goose croaking,  
a last supper.  

Four generations of a family come together in the garden of the family home. The house symbolizes the history of their existence: bricks that decay without care and mercilessly change the view. 

To the sound of abrasive live music and through shared memories and desires, the family tries to find answers to existential questions. Who are they to each other, and who are they to each other? What unites them and what drives them apart? They confront, they beat and anoint, they hold on and let go.

In this searing, musical family portrait, the instruments, along with a mother's voice, cry out for everything that can hold a family together. Forever.

Pinoy family (concept), Marijke Pinoy, Arend Pinoy, Delfine Bafort, Lotte Pinoy, Mark Delany, Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy, Cesar De Sutter-Pinoy, Titus De Sutter-Pinoy, Nelly Debeuf, Lola-Rose Delany, Teddy Delany, Ellis Mikky Pinoy, Lio Pinoy (acting), Peenoise (live music)

Yves Degryse and Gilles Coulier (final direction), Barbara Raes (artistic advice and coaching), Kaatje De Geest (dramaturgy), Marij de Brabandere (costumes), Titus De Sutter-Pinoy, Kris Van Oudenhove (scenogration), Kris Van Oudenhove (lighting), Saul Mombaerts (sound), Koen Demeyere, Jonas De Wulf, Jeroen Doise (set and technique), Gielke Smet (production management)

A production of KOPERGIETERY, KGbe, vzw Forevergem. In co-production with NTGent, Antigone, Ha Concerts. In collaboration with Cultuurcentrum Evergem. With the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government through taxshelter partner Flanders tax shelter.

Image © Titus De Sutter



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