Denk Zorg: 'Onsterfelijkheid'

Thinkers of today about tomorrow's health. With music by Jan Verstraeten.

Numbered seats - theater

19:00 Doors
20:15 Denk Zorg
22:00 End

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This evening is spoken in Dutch

Thinkers of today about tomorrow's health

In this eighth edition of Denk Zorg, we explore an ancient human dream: to become immortal. Do scientific knowledge and technology bring eternal life within reach? And what place do fate and chance still have in such a scenario?

Science is getting better and better at making people live longer. We use genetic testing to find our weak spots. We repair worn-out tissues and replace exhausted organs. In short, we are improving. But this seemingly unstoppable evolution also raises questions. 

Is medicine striving to upgrade human beings?
How far do we go in that?
What about our consciousness?
Does eternal life make us happy?
And is death a personal choice for immortal man?

On stage

  • Dominique Benoit, head of the intensive care unit (UZ Gent)
  • Phillip Blondeel, head of the department of Plastic Surgery (UZ Gent)
  • Paul Coucke, laboratory supervisor Medical Genetics (UGent and UZ Gent)
  • Heidi Mertes, professor of medical ethics (UGent)
  • Jan Verstraeten, musician-artist
  • Scene Triangle by Jan De Coninck, artist-architect
  • Host Lies Steppe, presenter and radio producer Klara
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On stage

An initiative of Ghent University Hospital, in cooperation with Traders in Ideas and Ha Concerts
photo © Marie-Françoise Plissart



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