Denk Zorg #10 'Het zullen de hormonen wel zijn'

Thinkers of today about tomorrow's health. 


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20:15 Denk Zorg
22:00 End

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This evening takes place in Dutch

Thinkers of today about tomorrow's health. 

Think Care is a series of multi-part performances that brings together sharp thinkers on stage. Care providers, scientists, opinion makers and artists dissect the medical-ethical dilemmas in a human life and confront us with the big questions of our time. In words, music and images.

This edition: it must be the hormones

They fluctuate from morning to night. Regulate arousal and sleep, heat and cold,
hunger and satiety. They control countless bodily processes and color our emotions and our
behavior. Yet hormones remain mysterious and intangible and certainly do not explain every vague

Hormones drive the major transitions in life, such as puberty and menopause.
Transitions that eminently demonstrate how hormones affect our physical and mental well-being.

  • Why should hormones not be perfectly balanced but under control?
  • How do they drive our actions?
  • What if hormone fluctuations cause symptoms?
  • Should we limit those effects? Or are they simply part of life?
  • And what psychological and social factors should we not overlook?

On stage

Eva De Groote, audio creator and writer
Jan De Meulenaere, child and adolescent psychiatrist (UZ Gent)
Herman Depypere, gynecologist (UZ Gent)
Kasper Raus, philosopher (UGent and UZ Gent)
Guy T’Sjoen, endocrinologist (UZ Gent)

Live music: Charlotte & Reinhard
Hostess: Lies Steppe, presenter and radio producer Klara

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On stage

An initiative of Ghent University Hospital, in cooperation with Handelsreizigers in Ideeën and Ha Concerts



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