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Indoor edition * Spectacle and music


14:00 Doors
15:00 Start
23:00 End

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In Marrakesh, merchants, musicians and acrobats perform every day in the famous market square Djemaa El Fna. Ghent Spring has been providing an inspired replica in Ghent for years.

This year, we are pulling the atmosphere and coziness completely indoors. Come along for a wide range of music and spectacle.


  • 14:00 Doors
  • 15:00 Slavic theatre by youth from different cities  
  • 16:00 Salsa initiation in the foyer 
  • 16:15 Slavic word game with piano in the foyer
  • 17:15 Choir papillon in the foyer with Serdi beatbox
  • 18:15 Slavic music in the concert hall 
  • 18:50 Kevin hip hop in the foyer 
  • 19:20 Roma music of Ricco Sarkozi - all the way from Bratislava - in the concert hall
  • 20:15 Dominican party
  • 20:40 Ritmo Latino Band 
  • 21:40 Pasha dj
  • 22:00 Team Latino 
  • 23:00 End

An organization of De Gentse Lente and International Committee in collaboration with Ha Concerts
Photos © Evy Ottermans



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