DAAU + Rudy Trouvé (albumrelease)

A twisted record full of paradoxes

Unnumbered seats - club

19:15 Doors
20:15 Rudy Trouvé
21:00 DAAU
22:00 End

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A twisted record full of paradoxes

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Die Anarchistische Abentunterhaltung returns again and again. This time, too, the Antwerp quartet reinvented itself, the creative fire stoked a bit more by visionary artist and musician Rudy Trouvé.

Together they present Musik für Animierten Tonspurfilm, released in October '23 by the Brussels label SubRosa.

It will be a record full of paradoxes. Groggy and polished at the same time. A screwed-up lofi backing track with hi-fi improvisations, retro meets the future. The DJ has already gone home but the party on planet DAAU is far from over. Because the movie keeps running and there is still improvisation to be done. No one knows where that will end. Come see that!

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Photo © Tom Verbruggen



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