Amari Luma #6

Atmospheric music from Roma culture

Unnumbered seats - club

19:00 Doors
20:00 Start
22:00 End in the concert hall
23:00 End in the foyer

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Atmospheric music from Roma culture

Amari Luma or 'Our World' in Romanic brings the Roma from Ghent to the Handelsbeurs for an atmospheric evening. All feelings resound intensely, from the greatest sadness to exuberant joy. They merge into one big music feast.

Expect a feast of traditional music, from the Balkans to Spain.


  • Violinist Wouter Vandenabeele leads a large ensemble of young violinists and other musicians. Atmosphere guaranteed! 
  • From far away Leuven comes a mixed ensemble with traditional Roma music. Double bass, violins, guitar, piano and cymbalom in a beautiful union. 
  • A whole band full of guitarists come rushing in from the city of Košice from Slovakia. A string party!
  • Some very young talent from Ghent: a violinist who has both classical and jazz in his fingers at the age of 10-13. We are curious!
  • Afterparty in the foyer: dance and sing along. 

In cooperation with AMARO vzw



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