Luka Bloom: ‘Wave Up to the Shore: 51 songs for 51 years’

The best of 51 years of songwriting

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The best of 51 years of songwriting

After more than a quarter-century of beguiling, Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom is also part of the Belgian music story. In the summer of 2022, he recorded (again) no less than 51 of his songs after 51 years as a songwriter. Good for a triple album as well as a memorable concert.

Armed with his acoustic guitar and distinctive voice, Luka Bloom puts every audience in his back pocket. For this concert, this born storyteller selects beloved songs from his entire oeuvre.

"In 1972 I wrote a song called 'Wave Up to the Shore.' It was the first song which was recorded. My brother Christy recorded it a few years later. I wrote it aged 16 and recorded it aged 61. It is a serious and even sad song. I was often a sad and serious young man-child.
But in songs, somehow the world made some sense. 51 years later, this is still the same.'



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