Tiny Tunes + Ha'ppy Meal ✌ fall 2023

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Published on 24/04/23

Samples of big-man music for young ears

Ha Concerts once again unpacks next season with adventurous music offerings for children.

During Tiny Tunes, the musicians playing for an adult audience later in the evening will bring their skills to small listeners. A short taste of crazy grooves to dance to, carpets of sound that take you to faraway lands or magically sung stories and interactive improvisations.

Each time close to the musicians, each time a unique experience for young and old. With after each concert a Ha'ppy Meal for the whole family in our foyer, included in the concert ticket.

Caution: adults are admitted only when accompanied by a minor :)

Be there in the fall

Tiny Tunes: DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband

Fabulous party with turntables + Ha'ppy Meal

Start: 17:45 Sold out

Tiny Tunes: Bel Ayre Quartet

Traveling the world with songs + Ha'ppy Meal

Start: 17:45 Tickets

Tiny Tunes: Iva Bittová & Mais Quelle Chanson

Bouncing and tumbling singing + Ha'ppy Meal

Start: 17:45 Tickets

Tiny Tunes: BeraadGeslagen

Danceable songs in the music circle + Ha'ppy Meal

Start: 17:45 Last tickets

Tiny Tunes: Frank Vander linden

Suitcase full of stories

Start: 17:45 Sold out



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