Get ready for the aHA! Festival ✌ Young ears take over

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Published on 29/11/22

The kids are in charge during aHA! festival 

During the spring break, Ha is buzzing with kids. From various imaginative performances to a smashing free festival finale, get ready for a week of musical fun for the whole family. 

aHA! Performania (5+) * Perforator

The world upside down with a balloon, ingenious electronics and an oboe.

Start: 14:00 Tickets

aHA! 0 Grote Joegoert (3+) * BomBarDon

Crazy fantasy with a peculiar animal in the weeds, air pirates and a spitting dragon.

Start: 14:00 Tickets

aHA! Lusiola (4+) * Amadeo Kollectif

Exploring in an interactive soundscape.

Start: 14:00 Tickets

aHA! Koper & Vel (6+) * Zonzo Compagnie & HOP FROG Fanfare

A rousing ode to the brass band, featuring nine musical character heads and class players.

Start: 14:00 Tickets

aHA! Here comes the sun (families)

Popping festival finale with workshops and children's disco.

Start: 14:00 Tickets
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