Ultima Thule: ‘ZIJ(N)’

Poetic musical theater

Numbered seats - theater

19:00 Doors
20:15 Ultima Thule: ZIJ(N)
21:15 End

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Spoken in Dutch

Poetic musical theater (14+)

"I am nothing. I will never be anything. Nor can I want to be something. Apart from that, I cherish all the dreams of the world."

From these winged words of Fernando Pessoa, Lize Pede creates and recreates the universe between player and audience, between actor and musician, between man and material.

ZIJ(N) is a search for identity. 
The identity of the actor on stage.
As a woman, as a mother, as a playwright, as a human being and a fellow human being.
But also the identity of the spectator in the audience.
As a young adult, ready to participate in that sometimes alienating world.
Yesterday, now and tomorrow.

ZIJ(N) is an affirmation that every individual is valuable.
Every opinion, every desire, every pain, every dream, every dissatisfaction, every failure, ...
Even without shouting it from the rooftops. You are enough. Anyway.

ZIJ(N) is a plea for fumbling. Because don't we all do that? Fumble. We just try something, with everything we have on hand. Young and old alike. What would happen if we embraced that fumbling, gave each other the right to fumble, learned to be mild to each other's fumbling. What would happen if an adult said to a young person, "I don't know either. I'm just messing around, too, and hoping things will work out. But I invite you to fumble together."

ZIJ(N) Is a search for beauty. In that fumbling, in the success and failure. The beauty of an image that is not framed by words, but is simply allowed to BE. The beauty of discovering that you yourself become the narrator, in viewing the world. The beauty of our human interaction, even if it is sometimes raw.

In ZIJ(N) Lize Pede builds, on a large turntable, a universe of images that touch the lives of all of us, no matter how different we are. They speak without words, but with the swirling music of Chiel Peersman, of boundless joy, of losing, of doubting, of courage, of love and hate, of finding or losing each other, of trying and sometimes succeeding, of ferocity and stillness, and of everything that binds us.

ZIJ(N) is a poetic balancing act in just being allowed to be, and not having to be all the time.

ZIJ(N)Lize Pede (creation, acting), Chiel Peersman - of Omar Dahl (music, acting), Sven Ronsijn (coaching, dramaturgy), Linde Carrijn (musical coaching), Rupert Defossez (technique), Marjolein Verschuuren (research, studio)



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