Trombone Ensemble Nabou Claerhout

The finest trombonists


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The finest trombonists

What happens when a trombonist is given carte blanche? Nabou Claerhout gathered no less than five exceptional trombonists. Together with a playful rhythm section, this results in a very unique musical synergy and a great party.

For all her ambitious plans, the cream of the new generation was indispensable. Across national borders, Claerhout selected inspiring trombone talent, each with a specific timbre and distinct personality.

With a playful approach and eye for detail, you get to hear all corners of the trombone sound, from the warm and carrying of the tutti to the spicy fire in the solos. A musical treat.

Trombone Ensemble Nabou Claerhout
Nabou Claerhout (BE - trombone, compositions), Nathan Surquin (BE - trombone), Rory Ingham (GB - trombone), Peter Delannoye (BE - trombone), Tobias Herzog (DE - bass trombone), Gijs Idema (NL - guitar), Cyrille Obermüller (BE - double bass), Daniel Jonkers (NL - drums)

'As we marveled at the shimmering dance of opening and closing trombones, it was striking how each trombonist clearly brought their own timbre. (...) As if Nabou Claerhout, surrounded by other trombonists, came home to her own sound.'

Jazz&Mo' on Nabou Claerhout's try-out

With support from Jong Jazztalent Gent (the award of Gent Jazz) and Rataplan



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