Titi Robin trio & Robert Saadna

Global sounds at a high level


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€ 24 Box office/€ 11 student
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19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert

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Due to schedule changes, we need to move this concert from March 10 to May 11. Ticket holders have been notified.

Global sounds at a high level

At the Handelsbeurs, Titi Robin is an old friend, a welcome guest since the beginning twenty years ago. For over thirty years, this beloved multi-instrumentalist has been mixing Eastern music and the gypsy tradition with Europe. He himself calls his style 'Mediterranean', after the sea where these different cultures have met for centuries.

With this project, he returns to the sources of gypsy music. He dives into the power of the Catalan compas and palmas, supported by the burning and unique voice of Robert Saadna.

Nonkel Titi (families)

Adventurous music for children + Ha'ppy Meal

Start: 17:45 Tickets

Titi Robin trio & Roberto Saadna

Titi Robin (guitar, oud, bouzouki), Roberto Saadna (voice, guitar, palmas), Francis Varis (accordion), Ze Luis Nascimento (percussion), Guillaume Dubois (sound, direction)

Photo © Fabien Tijou



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