Tiny Town: Oracle Sisters (families)

Also during Boomtown: grown-up music for little ears

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Adults admitted only under the supervision of a minor.

16:00 Doors
17:00 Concert 
17:45 End

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During Tiny Town, top musicians who play to adult audiences after bedtime, bring their skills to small listeners in the afternoon.

A taste of what music can be all about, from awesome beats to songwriter stories. Cozy close to the musicians and tailored to children's ears in duration and decibels. A unique experience for young and older.

Oracle Sisters for families

The musicians of Oracle Sisters have known each other since they were children themselves. The friends made a beautiful record together on a remote Greek island. Since there was no music studio there, they recorded their voices in a well, the drums in a ballroom and handclapping in the shower.

The result is a bunch of incredibly catchy songs that won't be wriggling out of your ear anytime soon. Music to dream away to on a sultry summer day, full of lovely voices, swirling piano sounds and sing-along melodies. A picnic for your ears.

An organization of Democrazy in cooperation with Ha Concerts



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