The Milk Factory & Hannah Tolf

Road trip music with a Swedish flair

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19:00 Doors
20:15 Start
21:30 End

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Due to schedule changes, we need to move this concert from May 11 to May 4. Ticket holders have been notified.

Road trip music with a Swedish flair

The Milk Factory originated with guitarist Edmund Lauret and pianist Thijs Troch, representatives of the adventurous Ghent jazz scene currently causing a furor. But look at the full band and you'll find that together the musicians leave a huge footprint in Belgian jazz, including Nordmann, Don Kapot, Steiger, Mòs ensemble, Kabas, Keenroh and many, many more. You are in good hands.

From the start, a few things were brought into focus: The Milk Factory would not become a stylistic mishmash with no focus, no overbearing clamor. They wanted to go to the essence: memorable melodies, close interaction, consistent atmospheres and songs. On its releases, the sextet excels in understated rapture and intoxicating melancholy. First long-player Aula (2020) was lauded by press and audiences, who could discover genuine musical short stories in the subtle musing music without fuss or showy tricks.

Now the band has planned to do a project with vocals. Band members Kobe Boon and Viktor Perdieus studied in Gothenburg for a year and became acquainted with Swedish vocalist Hannah Tolf. She was added to the lineup. Tolf sings, composes and improvises on the interface between acoustic and electronic music, between pop and jazz, the familiar and the unexpected. This already makes her an intriguing addition to the band, one that can redefine its beloved twilight zones with that combination of dreaminess, intimacy and openness.

The Milk Factory
Hannah Tolf (SE - vocals), Thijs Troch (piano, guitar), Jan Daelman (flute), Viktor Perdieus (tenor sax), Edmund Lauret (guitar), Kobe Boon (double bass), Benjamin Elegheert (drums)

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