The Free Orleans Rebel Band

Refreshing take on the blues

Refreshing take on the blues

This gang of contemporary jazz greats returns to the New Orleans where Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver and Louis Armstrong made the news. With Waso De Cauter at the helm, this gives a thrilling update of music that still works on the hips.

'St. Louis Blues' or 'St. James Infirmary' get a whole new interpretation alongside their own compositions. How could it be otherwise with musicians like Bart Maris, Nabou Claerhout and Joachim Badenhorst. There is no room for purism here, only for the irrepressible swagger of vital interaction.

The Free Orleans Rebel Band
Waso De Cauter (banjo), Bart Maris (trumpet), Jordi Grognard (bass clarinet), Gregory Van Seghbroek (sousafoon), Nabou Claerhout (trombone), Christian Mendoza (piano), Lionel Beuvens (drums)

Band members Joachim Badenhorst and Jon Birdsong are being replaced for this concert.

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