Spinvis & Saartje Van Camp: ‘Neveldieren’

Old and new work

Numbered seats - theater

19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert
22:00 End

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This concert is in Dutch

Old and new work

Spinvis and Saartje Van Camp bring mythological nebulae to life in the world of today. Somewhere between delusion and reality, these creatures whisper and sing to us. They are centuries old. Sometimes human, sometimes animal, sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes neither or both. What drives them? Why are they still here?

Neveldieren (Nebulae) is a performance with many known and new Spinvis songs.

Spinvis (voice, guitar, keys, koto, samples, drums), Saartje Van Camp (voice, cello, keys, erhu, samples)
Niels Jonker (sound and visuals), Joep Vermeulen (decor), Mark Tober (lights)

photo © Doris Konings



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