Shake Stew: ‘HEAT’

Hypnotic afrobeat and jazz grooves

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Hypnotic afrobeat and jazz grooves

Austria's Shake Stew is a worldwide phenomenon. Their unusual lineup and Moroccan influences create a high-energy sound full of hypnotic afrobeat and jazz grooves. Also on their fifth album HEAT, catchy, deceptively simple melodies gradually build up to a frenzy of increasingly intense rhythms.

Led by bassist Lukas Kranzelbinder, Shake Stew became one of the most popular live acts on the jazz scene. Their second album Rise and Rise Again (2018) featuring Shabaka Hutchings catapulted them into stardom.

Having a lineup of two drums, two basses and three horns, with the guembri (Moroccan traditional bass) and flute also included, creates a wonderfully complex texture with simple power at the same time.

Shake Stew
Lukas Kranzelbinder (bass, guembri, bandleader), Astrid Wiesinger (alto sax, stritch), Mario Rom (trumpet), Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor sax, flute), Oliver Potratz (bass), Nikolaus Dolp (drums, percussion), Herbert Pirker (drums, percussion)

'What I heard blew me away. Compelling rhythms, melting brass, hypnotic funk-beat-swinging-afro-jazz-rock-rhythm-and-something. I was glued to my chair and could barely stand up. [...] I now know that other listeners had similar initiation experiences; there is something coming out of this band that is new and special - and very appealing.'

Die Zeit about Shake Stew

Photo © Severin Koller



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